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Health, Safety And Environment (HSE)

The health and safety of persons, protection of the immediate work place and environment, cordial relationship with host communities and general security of operations, personnel and tools/equipment is one of our main objectives. This objective is vigorously pursued by the HSE Management Committee which comprises of top management, supervisors & HSE officer(s). Management accepts totally its legal and societal obligations as conferred on it by Federal law as an employer of labour.


Management provides all physical infrastructures and all safety gears necessary for employee’s personal protection when engaged at the site as required. Our obligation shall not be hindered by cost consideration, for the only way to efficient operation is through safe operations. All supervisory staff and HSE officers shall be held accountable for the safety behavior of staff under their charge. Positive conducts to safety shall be rewarded while repeated negative response shall be disallowed and completely discouraged. In order to maintain the peace between the Host community and the company, management has carved out a Public Relations and Community Affairs Department, which is saddled with the responsibility of promoting the required industrial peace and harmony. This will enhance peaceful co-existence of mutual benefits and conducive work environment as well as carrying out community development project within our host communities.

Jemaj Global Resources operates from the viewpoint that all accidents and other down grading occurrences are preventable. Conclusively therefore, we shall put this viewpoint to fire practice because one of the ways measure our effectiveness shall be hinged on our HSE performance henceforth.

It is the policy of Jemaj Global Resources, to carry out its operational activities in a safe and internationally acceptable manner such that technical, managerial and HSE success is guaranteed in every aspect of the company’s operation. It is important in various ways.

We also have a responsibility to our clients to conduct our operations in a manner that does not jeopardize the activities, relationships and understanding built over the years between client and host communities. Jemaj Global Resources also has a responsibility of supporting in enhancing the living standards of people in its operational areas. This HSE policy shall be reviewed from time to time.