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Quality Assurance And Quality Control Our Policy

At JEMAJ GLOBAL RESOURCES, we believe in total quality management (QMS). Therefore the twin issues of quality assurance and control are of utmost importance to us. To that end, we attach below our quality control and assurance desk manual, for your perusal. Any further information you require regarding this aspect of our operation will be forwarded to you on request.

Any item that does not completely fulfill the requirements of the engineering design will be considered is nonconforming. Minor nonconformance that can be corrected at the time of discovery or will be corrected by subsequent work, need not be document. He QA/QC Director will review all FTRs originated in the field and classify the FTRs for appropriation and distribution. He will maintain an index of all FTRs and nonconformance as part of the CR/FTR log.